Regional Planning and Development require a lot of dedication and effort to translate vision to actions and then results. Gravity 2.0 offers volunteers several ways to contribute to inclusive development in their region.

Activities consist of the following:

Gravity 2.0 Round Table

A meeting held every 4-6 weeks to discuss plans and status of specific issues.

Gravity 2.0 Regional Summit

An annual event that brings together members and others to debate, discuss and evolve a vision statement.

Gravity 2.0 100 Meters Impact

An activity designed especially for the younger members to plan a "flash mob" like activity focused on improving a specific aspect of a small location and make a tangible difference to that locality.

Gravity 2.0 Startup Garage (Planned)

Gravity offers members and others opportunity to start new companies to solve real world problems and create prosperity in the process.

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