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Gravity 2.0 Innovator Internship Programme


For millenia, Bharath has been at the forefront of scientific research and development. Ancient India focused on imparting holistic multi-disciplinary knowledge based education that helped engineers and scientists and even common people innovate and create solutions applying holistic knowledge to solve real world problems.

Today, the advancement of technology has made the knowledge and application of multi-disciplinary knowledge even more important.

The current educational system with its focus on specialization has created institutes of learning that are not adequately equipped to support innovation or enterpreneurship.

The Gravity 2.0 Startup Garage (G2-SG)

G2-SG is an attempt to bridge the gap between education and innovation by offering select graduates and under-graduates a 3, 6 or 12 month innovator internship program.

A Gravity 2.0 Startup Garage combines the essential elements of individual passion, knowledge support, incubation facilities and access to multi-disciplinary workshop and laboratory equipment to help graduate engineers, scientists and other innovators quickly convert their ideas to functional prototypes - graduate as innovator interns and go on to build successful businesses.

G2-SG will operate on leased land and facilities provided by local, state or central governments on a 3-5 year commitment. Gravity 2.0 will attempt to create a G2-SG in each and every identified super city in India starting with VRV Super City.

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