Gravity 2.0 Regional Economic Summit

Gravity 2.0 is calling researchers, enterpreneurs, consultants, professionals, senior government and public sector employees from banks, railways, ports, consulting organizations and others having a good understanding of the regional economy and interested in the inclusive development of the Vizag Bay region to submit proposals for the 1-day regional economic summit.

Structure of the Regional Economic Summit G2-EPS VB-RES 2012

The regional economic summit is organized as a natural progression of debate and discussions spread over 5 sessions. Articulating a shared vision is the main theme for the last session. The conference uses a unique approach of getting there through a sequence of 4 sessions that deal with the state of the economy, views and dreams of the stake holders, eco-system opportunities and credit creation.


The regional economic summit is an opportunity for members and non-members of Gravity2.0 to meet and network. It also gives an opportunity for individuals who are passionate about scientific regional planning and inclusive development to learn about Gravity 2.0. The conference also creates a platform for researchers to present papers about their work.


Saturday, December 22,2012




Godavari Hall; Hotel Gateway, RK Beach

Region Focus:

Vizag Bay Region (Srikakulam - Vijayawada) Adjacent areas of Orissa and Chattisgarh


Economy 2012 : The Region's State of Economy
Vision 2017 : Stakeholder Views and Dreams
Spreading Prosperity : Economic Growth Dynamics and Ecosystem Opportunities
Credit Creation : Future Prosperity Financing Entrepreneurs Today
Shared Vision : A Shared Vision for Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development

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