Gravity 2.0 Science and Technology Contest

Contest Type : Open Challenge

Design a modular, easy to assemble at site, flexible, reusable, strong, temporary storage kit for creating a 1-Tonne Grain (Rice or Wheat) Storage System (GSS-1K) that can be used to store grains safely and maintaining high quality for a storage period of 3 months.

The GSS-1K Must Meet The Following Specification

  • Optional Microcontroller controlled temperature and humidity sensor

  • Low cost wireless interface to collect statistics, along with a mobile application

  • Protect grains from Rodents, Pests and all-weather proof

  • Use a combination of high-tech structural components and locally available components for creating the GSS-1K system

  • Total cost of all components not to exceed Rs. 25,000

  • Total time to assemble not to exceed 4-hours for 1-person

Who Can Participate?

This contest is open to all engineering students (graduate or undergraduate). Teams must comprise of at least 7 members, and must include members belonging to computer science, electronics, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering backgrounds.


All designs must be demonstrated to a team from Gravity 2.0 in Visakhapatnam, India. Challenge Open Until Solved - Send Your Entries Now.


Selected entries will have the opportunity to showcase their entries at a Gravity 2.0 TechSantha to be held in a place near Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.


Winners will receive a prize money of Rs 50,000 and Incubation support to commercialize their designs.

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