Vizag Invests in Vizag(VIV2015)

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Date: April 04, 2015
Place: Visakhapatnam
Venue: TBD
Time: 2:00PM - 5:30PM

VIV2015 - The Objective

Gravity 2.0 is proposing to conduct an event "Vizag Invests in Vizag - VIV2015" to bring together the SMBs of the city with leading financial investors from around the nation in a half-day workshop and investor round table. By creating a streamlined interface between financial institutions and entrepreneurs, VIV2015 aims to generate a modest investment round of Rs 250 crores within the next 6 months leading to an employment generation of 2,500.

Target Audience

Enterprise Profile - SMBs focused on hi-tech industries such as mobile, electronics, software products, smart cities, Internet of Things as well as clean technologies such as inland waterways and intra-coastal / inland ship building.

Investor Profile - Banks and financial institutions that offer long term loans, working capital and secured credit lines.

Consultant Profile - Merchant bankers, chartered accountants

Visakhapatnam As An Investment Destination

There are several smart enterpreneurs in Visakhapatnam. There are many developed industrial areas and several large industries with a need for hi-tech products. With high levels of sustained organic growth, Visakhapatnam the largest industrial port city in India is an obvious destination for investments.

Accelerating Opportunity

With a special focus on growing Visakhapatnam from a good city to a smart city, both the central government and state government are solidly behind transforming Visakhapatnam into a leading city in the asia pacific region. In fact, the city of Visakhapatnam has recently sent an EOI to the Mayor of Brisbane to bid for APCS (Asia Pacific City Summit) 2017.

Incentives From State and Central Governments

In the finance bill of 2015-2016, India's finance minister has committed a 30% investment allowance for new investments in Visakhapatnam (actually in Andhra Pradesh state) along with additional depreciation of 15%. Available growing markets, existing and present SMBs, national and international support and world class living make Visakhapatnam the best destination for any global investor - imagine the opportunity before the existing investors of Visakhapatnam ?

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