The Vizag Bay Investment Summit 2013 (G2-VB-IS-2013)


Saturday, June 22, 2013




Carmichael Hall, The Gateway Hotel, Visakhapatnam.


Coastal and Inland Shipping and More

"Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. April 26, 2013; Gravity 2.0 Vizag Bay Chapter has announced that an investment summit focused on coastal and inland shipping is being planned to bring together investors, enterpreneurs and domain experts to discuss opportunities and create a concrete plan for operating a regular liner service between the ports of the Visakhapatnam-Rajahmundry Vijayawada (VRV Super City) region"

The Context

For millenia waterways and the oceans offered the human species an efficient transportation means often using renewable sources of energy. Rivers carried goods downstream for free, trade winds allows ships to sail across the oceans. Historical records indicate that within the VRV (Visakhapatnam Rajahmundry Vijayawada) region, waterways and oceans played an important role in transportation. Records indicate that the VRV region built and used specialized ships (Telugu Voda) the design of which is now lost. As recently as the 19 th century, thousands of vessels were built at Tallarevu and ports like Korangi (Koringa) near the modern day Kakinada were buzzling with activity with thousands of ships calling on these ports every day.

Today VRV continues to have important ports like Visakhapatnam, Kakinada and Gangavaram. The Indian Navy has an excellent facility where modern ships are being designed and built.

However, the use of less efficient transportation methods such as by road and to a lesser extent by rail have completely killed the ship building industry for transporting goods within the region and from the region to the neighboring regions through coastal shipping, intra-coastal shipping or inland water ways.

In other words, renewable, low cost and available resources such as inland water ways and the sea are playing a less and less role in the development of the economy of the region. This situation, especially with the rising costs of fuels appears both irrational and illogical.

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