Vision 2017

We believe that we live in a region that is one of the most gifted places in the world with natural resources, rivers and great nature loving and hard working people. We would like to see this region transform into a mature economy that provides residents a great place to live and work in the world in terms of GDP and other key social development and equity metrics.

We envision the VRV as an economically integrated region that supports industries with high Economic Value Addition, industries that create jobs in both urban and rural habitats within the Super City, industries that are environment friendly and industries that help the region become efficient and effective in addressing the needs of the people of the region with long term socio economic and environmental sustainability.

We envision that VRV will be a place where prosperity is in surplus, spread across all segments of the society and is consistent with the traditional roots of the region and our nation (Bharath).

We envision that VRV will be a place of choice for innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs who will find the mix of the purity of rural life and the comforts of urban life available in the region a great catalyst for making advances in the areas of science and technology applied for benefitting all sections of the society.

We envision VRV will be a region that offers the highest levels of economic efficiency making all aspects of living and working affordable for people across all segments of the society.

We envision VRV as a place where discussion and debate are used to focus the rich and diverse views of the people to achieve progress that will benefit the region, our whole country and the rest of the world.

We envision VRV as a vibrant region where each and every child and mother are valued and respected, where the best of class education and healthcare are available and food is in surplus.

We envision VRV as a healthy region, a region where sports are encouraged and global athletes emerge from the region.

We envision VRV to evolve and offer regions across the world a model for economic and social development in harmony with nature, where mother earth is respected; rivers, streams and tanks are protected and mountains, beaches and natural resources are used with care and respect.

We envision VRV to be a place where ancient wisdom is combined with modern technology and continuous innovation to promote use of recycling and renewable sources for production.

We envision VRV as a region where all things are valued, wastage is minimized and recycling is actively supported to help conserve natural resources and have them accessible to the future generations equally.

We envision VRV as a region where every able adult will support the development of the region and the whole country through a philosophy of co-creation, collaboration and sharing while making community service and social responsibility an integral part of their personal and professional development by voluntarily offering upto 10% of their working time for such activities.

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